Cynthia Smith (Guttery)


"Cindy's Birthday" (Lyrics) 💖 JOHNNY CRAWFORD 💖 1962
Evie Tornquist - Come On Ring Those Bells
Evie Tornquist - BORN AGAIN
Candy Christmas - Give Them All to Jesus


Occupation: Relocation

Marital Status: Married

No. of Children:3

From Cynthia:

Where have 50 years gone? Was it not yesterday that we were all seniors? My journey has taken me through peaks and valleys like everyone else. But everything considered, I have been blessed beyond belief. It all began with all of you in high school. After graduating from KU, I taught in Parsons for 1 year and married at Christmas. Porter was a CPA and got a job in Kansas City. I taught 4 more years in Kansas City, and then we started a family, and I was so fortunate to stay at home and raise 3 wonderful children. As college approached for all three, I went back into the work force heading up a relocation division for what became the largest real estate broker in Kansas City. During that time I was recruited to work for the #1 relocation company in the country; then asked to start a relocation consortium of 5 small Coldwell Banker companies in KC. I now have had the opportunity to begin a woman owned relocation company for the largest Keller Williams company in KC……and, what do you know, in a blink of an eye………28 years have passed.

My children are my finest achievement, but dare I say they pale to the grandchildren. Who knew grandchildren would create a whole new world and sense of love within you???

Two years ago, right now, I was diagnosed with an aggressive cervical cancer. What a shock! I was again blessed in that they got it all, but had to endure radiation and chemotherapy as a precaution. FYI…..it takes about 1 ½ years for your hair to grow back fully. And mine came back curly!! I will say what many of us already know by now, that something as life threatening as cancer, can be a blessing in your life! It changes your perspective…….how suddenly you realize what is important in your life………and what is not.

We all experienced a wonderful moment in time together. I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Cynthia's Activities at PHS
Football Queen Nominee 64
Basketball Queen Nominee 64
Polychromes 62
Pep Club 62, 63, 64
Drum Corps 62
Choir 62, 63
Forensics 62, 63
District Forensic Award 62, 63
Emporia Forensic Award 62
NFL 62, 63, 64
Girls' State 63
Student Council 63
Honor Pep 64
Pep Council 63, 64
Pep Club Treasurer 63
"Lo and Behold" 63
Debate 63
Topeka Debate Trophy 63
Chanseneurs 63
State Forensic Award 63
School Service 63
Pep Club President 64
Viking Shield Staff 64
Norseman Assistant Editor 64
Parsons Jr. College Cheerleader 65 & 66
Career Plans - Airline Hostess

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