Carolyn Getter (Sears)



Carolyn Getter's Activities at PHS
Y-Teens 62, 63
Pep Club 62
Intramural Sports 62
GAA 62
Chansonneurs 63, 64
"Bye Bye Birdie 64

Dear Mimi, I took a nap and had the wildest dream. I dreamed you had a big entertainment restaurant where people would come after dark to eat and watch the fabulous light show in an antique setting with all kinds of lights & flat screen TVs up high over their heads putting on a fabulous light show everynight & the place would fill up with people everynight to watch the light show. You even had a few displays with fire shooting out hanging up high that would put on quite a show. I dreamed I was so mesmerized by everything I was sitting there eating my heart pills like they were candy before I realized what I was doing. You were so young and beautiful and was driving me back to Parsons. I was having so much full, I wish I didn't have to wake up.
I had a ball at the 3 day 2017 all school PHS/ST.PATS Golden Reunion a couple of weeks ago. Patsy has a big quilters retreat the Muskogee Quilters Guield goes to twice a year, and the fall retreat is always on same weekend as the retreat so she either has to miss the retreat or miss the reunion. This year I went by myself and was trying to decide whether to stay an extra day and hang out in Parsons or go on home. I shoul have stayed in Parsons because monday night I tried to smash a bug and stomped just a little too hard and broke my left heal. I broke my right heal a year ago when I slipped off the bottom step of the ladder while I was putting pretty white siding all over my house. I can't drink milk anymore, so I'm going to have to start taking a lot of calcium from now on.
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