Top Row L to R, 1. Coach Sheppard 2. ? 3. ? 4. Steve Cooper, 5. ? 6. Coach Owens, 7. Donald Kirk, 8. Johnny Linden 9. Jim Norton 10. ? 11 Coach Kirk, 12 ?

Bottom Row, far left, 1. Donnie Reel, 2. Otis Scarborrow, 3. Doug Moses, 4. Richard Sheppard, 5. Jackie Wallace, 6. Gary Bevins, 7. Charles Long

Home Run Derby S01E01 Mickey Mantle vs Willie Mays

1964 World Series Gm3: Mickey Mantle hits a walk-off home run against the St. Louis Cardinals to win the game.

1960 World Series Game 7: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Yankees (last 3 innings)

Yankeeography: Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle: The Definitive Story

Mickey Mantle: The Denny McLain Gift Home Run #535

Abbott & Costello Who's On First

Steve Cooper never told me he was in a picture with Mickey Mantle. In the 50's & 60's, Mickey Mantle was the greatest baseball player in the world. I saw Mickey play for New York several times at Kansas City. Donnie Reel & I saw the Yankees play KC one sunday with me on crutches. Mickey Mantle holds the record for the most home runs in the World Series at 18. Steve was my best man when I married Barbara Tolman. Steve was dating Barbara's sister Helen. Barbara's sister Cathie was Parsons High School Football Queen in 66/67. You can see Cathie here on page 3 in pictures 22, 114 & 155 and page 2, picture 89 & 90. You can see Barbara Tolman with Miss Kansas, also Miss America 1966 here in picture 61. Barbara was a cheerleader in high school at Pavillion, Wyoming a few miles from Yellowstone National Park, before going to PJC. Barbara, Helen, and Cathie's brother Floyd Tolman played football for the Vikings in the early 70's.