#120 Top Row, Chuck Treadway, Mike Brewer

McKinley School afternoon Kindergarten 1953
Top Row (L-R): Charles Tredway, Mary Snider, Imogene Billman, Billy Rader (or Rhodes), Randy ?, Miss Stirwalt/Mrs Langford, Lindy ?, Mike Brewer, Bobby ?, Lana Ringstaff ?, ??,
Middle Row (L-R): Geneva Hyatt, Diana Gaier, Toby Martin, ??, Betty Tackett, Jerry Bowman, Judy Lamb, ??,Maybe Lana Ringstaff?,Phyllis Stamps, ??, Tommy Walters
Bottom Row (L-R): Geraldine Sawyer, Belva Cantwell, Kristie Lamm, Martha McKay, Peggy Lett, Jene Worth, Toni ?, Cathy Ellis, Andy Standridge, Lee Thomasson, Carolyn Campbell
Additions or correction welcome with Judy Lamb and Phyllis Stamps.