Hello, You're Welcome, It's Our Pleasure To Hear From You... I Am Bill Beasley, The Online Claim Manager For The 2016 (WCAB) And (DHHS) Promotion Program.Get Back To Me With Your Full Name To Check If Your Name Is On Our Data Base... Regards Agent Bill Beasley Claim Manager 2016 Promotion Program
John Edward Linden Muskogee Ok

Oh Okay, Hold Let Me Check Our Database If Your (WCAB) And (DHHS)? Profile Name Is Still Available On Our Winners List...
Congratulation..This is to inform you that your name is still available on our winners list here on the on the ongoing program.All participant were selected through a computer random integrated system drawn in 15 million users name on Facebook.This Program is promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the aspect that impacts peoples lifestyle worldwide
Your Account Has Been Verified And Your Information's Shows That You Are Qualify To Receive The Amount Of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) Money, Here Is Your Ref#: 990078567, Batch#: 9056490602/333, Winning no: FB8701/LPRC, Ticket Number; 85430000-07024570000, Serial Number; 7755551111.... We Ask That You Keep This Notification Strictly From Public Notice Until Your Claim Has Been Processed And Your Money Remitted, Do You Understand That ?
We will need to confirm some information before we can deliver your winnings to you in your home, you will need to fill this form to avoid double claiming and so that we can locate your destination when bringing your win money. Are you ready to fill the delivery forms?

Fill out the form below accordingly one after the other right now: Your Full Name:-------- Your Address----------- Your City----------- Your State-------- Zip code-------- Age----------- Married/Single:----------- E-Mail Address------------ Phone number (mobile)-------- Occupation--------------------- Are you Deaf or Hearing----------
info sent 12:30 am 6-30-16

when the Ups men came to delivered the money to me at my doorstep it seems your profile name on the winner's list with the shipping company agent,so i thought I would see if you have gotten yours ?
Charlie Ellis Money 6-30-16
Check your notification click on the page i just invited you on and open it then click on the Message and send a message that you want to know if your name is on the winners list and also tell the agent that you want to claim your own money. FACEBOOK NOTIFICATON?????????
I am so happy because I got $100,000 cash compensation from the Federal Government department of Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) and Department of Health & Human Service (DHHS)
Up between message
Dear Mr. Beasley, Could you please tell me if my name was on the winners list to receive any money from Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) and Department of Health & Human. Service (DHHS). If so, I would like to receive my own money. Someone told me they thought they saw my name on the list. Thank you, Johnny Linden Muskogee, Ok www.linden_loft@yahoo.com
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This is a give back

You're Required To Pay The Shipping Fee Of $700, And As Soon As The Payment Is Facilitated Walmart To Our Office Your Money Will Be Delivered To You In The Next 10 Hours .Let Us Know When You Are Ready So That We Can Give You The Details You Are To Send To Through Walmart

Are you ready to make the payment now? I'll have to wait till morning

We want you to understand that this requested fee is for the shipment of your package to you and we also want you to know that there is no way we can ship the package to you if you don't have the fee paid to the right department according to our mode of operation. We understand that the fee stated above is high for just a mere delivery but we want you to understand that your package is not a mere
package it contains a very high fund and a very important certificate so the UPS cannot post the package without insuring it most importantly because they will be held responsible if anything happens to the package that is not insured. We hope you understand our reasons.

Do you know a nearest moneygram store?

Not really, but I'll find one in the morning

the morning.

CVS - #10437
Muskogee, OK 74403-4658

Are you there Johnny