#119 HOUR 18650 BATTERY $26

1959-60 ~ McKinley School Softball Team.
Front Row L to R: Rodney Phillips Sub., 2. Steve Warwick 3B, 3. Bill Baker 2B & SS, 4. Frank Stewart CF.
2nd Row L to R: 1. Nick Treadway C, 2. Leonard Myers RF, 3. Gary Merchant 2B, 4. Otis Scarborough P, 5. Larry Edmonson -1B, 6. George Lakes LF.
3rd Row L to R: 1. Jerry Willey RF, 2. Jimmy Blackwell 1B & SS, 3. Jimmy Ellis 2B & SS, 4. Richard Gatewood RF.
The photo came from the Parsons Historical Museum in a binder with some photos from McKinley School. with Nick Treadway, Rodney Phillips, Leonard Myers, Jerry Willey, Gary Merchant, Steve Warwick, Jimmy Blackwell, Otis Scarborough, Jimmy Ellis, Bill Baker, Larry Edmonson, Richard Gatewood, Frank Steward and George Lakes.